Red Dawn

The Hollywood Theatre and the Portland Mercury proudly present the first installment of Hecklevision —an all-new series that will forever change the way you watch movie s. Well, okay, this time it’ll just change the way you watch one movie: the 1984 classic Red Dawn ! Starring everyone great ever—Patrick Swayze! Charlie Sheen! Lea Thompson! Powers Boothe!—John Millius’ batshit-crazy epic finds small-town Colorado patriots fighting against invading communists. It’s bloody, hilarious, and preposterous… and thanks to Hecklevision, texts sent from audience members, Mercury writers, and film fans commenting on all things Red Dawn will pop up onscreen as the movie plays! Think of this sure-to-be hilarious night as a Pop-Up Video in which you can participate… but with more dead commies. A lot more dead Commies.


Saturday, January 21