Repressed Cinema: Boob Tube Shrapnel

Repressed Cinema presents this special 16mm program!

From his massive Portland vaults, curator Ian Sundahl presents an insane mash-up of vintage bizarre 16mm television. From TV favorites to things you never knew existed, Sundahl brings a wide variety of the strangest TV had to offer. Come see the most unique and oddball TV films from his collection in a celebration of the old boob tube. Many of the subjects in this show are one of a kind rarities Sundahl has found from a myriad of sources. Highlights of the evening include the soft-rocking kids of Teenage Party (1960s), the pool sharkery of Minnesota Fats and Billiards with the Stars (1970s), a bizarre segment of KPTV in the Morning (1960s), bloopers from the short-lived sitcom Busting Loose (1977), an afterschool special with Dana Plato: A Step in Time (1981), rare promos for the Jeffersons, and see "moralist" Anita Bryant - the FIRST person to get "pied" on live television!

Also included are trailers for movies you won't believe were advertised on tv, a strange A-1 Steaksauce commercial that has the potential to make a diehard vegan upchuck, the bizarre social psychology of devils & angels, and more!!!

Underground Comics for sale in the lobby, as usual; don't forget to pick up a copy of Vision Quest, Portland's FREE comic.


Wednesday, August 17