Repressed Cinema: Day at the White House

Repressed Cinema presents a LOST “political satire sexploitation film”, never available on video in any format and literally unseen for 43 years. Presented on a 35mm print!

A DAY AT THE WHITE HOUSE (1972) The US President launches an all-out “war” on obscenity. Working with the director of the investigative bureau, under the code name “Operation Bow-Wow”, the President’s dedicated staff swings into action. Lori Saunders, willing to do anything to help her imprisoned dad, is recruited as a “Bow-Wow” agent, and sent to Los Angeles to bring down the porn industry. Tagline: “Politics is a dirty business, but it sure is fun!”

Adults only! Before the feature there will be vintage exploitation trailers. Underground Comics for sale in the lobby, as usual.


Wednesday, May 20