Repressed Cinema: Love God

Repressed Cinema presents LOVE GOD.

Gore, animation, strange monsters and bizzare hallucinations all can be found in Frank Grow’s (Red and Rosey) only feature film. The strange story involves recently released mental patients with odd problems such as a “compulsive reading syndrome” roaming the streets. From an imdb review: “There’s a subplot about a deranged Asian scientist looking to become an eponymous deity, a religious nut larue encounters in a restaurant, and a crazed doctor’s assistant (played by the state & viva variety’s Kerri Kenneny). Still, the film never lingers on anything long enough for boredom to set in and is guaranteed to turn your brain to swiss cheese by the time it’s over.” One of the first movies shot on digital video, LOVE GOD’s strange visuals and offbeat storyline made it a memorable hit on the festival circuit in the 90's and is presented here from a high resolution disk obtained from the director. Underground comics will be for sale in the lobby, as usual…


Wednesday, December 31