Repressed Cinema Trailer Rarities Bonanza

Repressed Cinema presents a 35mm Trailer Rarities Bonanza.

Focusing on exploitation, Repressed presents a smorgasbord of obscure 35mm trailers. Like mini-movies, trailers often have the best and most tantalizing scenes. Many of the trailers offered here are for LOST films, many forgotten films and some mainstream favorites thrown in the mix.  Sexploitation and horror will be predominate in this show. In addition to the bevy of trailers, Repressed will hold true to it’s form of highlighting the obscure by playing reel one only of HUGO’S MAGIC PUMP, an insane 1970’s bicycle themed Italian sex comedy. Come for the trailers and stay for the sizzling reel one only of this lost film not available on dvd or even vhs!

Underground comix for sale in the lobby as usual.  Remember to pick up the latest copy of VISION QUEST, Portland’s free comic


Wednesday, March 16