Revenge of the Ninja

Series: B-Movie Bingo

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"Only a ninja can stop a ninja."  - Cho Osaki

The Ninja are back! A band of Ninja slaughter the family of Cho Osaki, who—a Ninja himself—singlehandedly destroys the deadly marauders. Hoping to escape his bloody past with its unending cycles of murder and revenge, Cho flees Tokyo. With his mother and young son, he tries to build a new life in Los Angeles. 

But there, he unwittingly becomes the pawn of a drug trafficker, Braden, who is secretly an American Ninja, and Cho's arch-foe. The two antagonists destroy a slew of heroin-dealing mobsters in a heart-pounding display of stealth, speed, and lethal arts before their own hair-raising showdown. 

Starring Sho Kosugi, one of the world's few remaining Ninja masters, REVENGE OF THE NINJA is the action movie of the yea—a thrilling chance to become an initiate of the ancient secret rituals of the world's deadliest assassins! Directed by Sam Firstenberg. 

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