Series: Hecklevision

Your move, creep: This month, we’re heckling the cult classic sci-fi action film ROBOCOP!

Peter Veerhoven’s 1987 film is set in a dystopian version of Detroit, where crime is so out of control and the city is so poor, the police are nearly helpless. The leadership cuts a deal with mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products to tackle Detroit’s crime problem with a new robotics division. OCP’s first creation – the walking tank ED-209 – proves too difficult to control, so they decide they need a more human approach: The part-man, part-machine “RoboCop”. Of course, they need a recently-expired subject for this project, and when Officer Alex Murphy (Peter Weller) meets a gruesome death at the hands of Clarence Boddicker’s (Kurtwood Smith) gang, he ends up becoming a guinea pig for what will hopefully be Detroit’s cybernetic salvation.

ROBOCOP could have easily been a straightforward action movie (and nearly starred Arnold Schwarzenegger), but it’s nearly a black comedy – satirical and sharp with over-the-top violence that originally garnered the film an X rating. It’s still plenty campy, though, so get ready to tear apart a film that you probably all love!

This special screening is presented in HECKLEVISION: Through the magic of MuVChat technology, your jokes, heckles and commentary are encouraged – in TEXT form! Tap out your wittiest wisecracks with your phone and they’ll appear instantly on screen! Each month, special guests will hang out to crack jokes via text with you and a few hundred of your best friends!

This month’s guest hecklers:
Zak Toscani
Steven Wilber
Nic Goans
David Mascorro
Veronica Heath
Anthony Lopez
Nariko Ott
Bill Conway

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Sunday, September 28