Runaway + Looker Crichton Double Feature presented by PSU

Crichton is best remembered as the best-selling author of books like Disclosure , Rising Sun , and Jurassic Park , and as the creator of the TV series ER , but he was also a prolific filmmaker. His films included the hit sci-fi films Westworld and Coma , in which Crichton cast Michael Douglas in one of his earliest leading roles.  His movies were futurist thrillers, often way ahead of their time in predicting trends in media, advertising and technology. On May 31 st the Hollywood will screen his incredible, underrated action-thrillers Runaway and Looker . Runaway looks at the incorporation of robotics and artificial intelligence into law enforcement and organized crime, as it pits tough-a-nails cop Tom Selleck against psychotic gangster Gene Simmons (yes, Gene Simmons!) and his arsenal of futuristic weaponry, which includes exploding robotic spiders and a handgun that fires miniature guided missiles. Looker darkly satirizes television advertising, telling the story of a plastic surgeon (an incredible Albert Finney) investigating the murders of a series of models on whom he’s operated.  Among other things, this ridiculously entertaining thriller features perhaps the coolest sci-fi weapon in the history of cinema.  The double feature will be introduced by PSU Film Professor Dustin Morrow.



Friday, June 1