Santa with Muscles

On this foggy near Christmas Eve, Santa with Muscles came to say “With your cellphone screens so bright, won’t you Heckle with us tonight?”

Hulk Hogan plays an evil millionaire who gets amnesia and wakes up believing he is Santa Claus. There are also magic crystals buried under an orphanage, an evil scientist, a pinball game, a car chase and…a young Mila Kuniz. Santa With Muscles only played in theaters for two weeks in 1996 before it became a staple on worst movies lists.

This is a rare chance to see this gem of HULKAMANIA on the big screen! Our HECKLEVISION gift to you this holiday season! HOHOHO!

HECKLEVISION utilizes the magic of MuVChat technology, you text your heckles, jokes, and commentary from your seat and they appear onscreen below the film.



Sunday, December 23