Series: Rental Event

Portland Horror Film Festival™ presents an evening of Satanic Panic!

* The Devil’s Burlesque with Rummy Rose

* Satanic Short Films

* Ghoulish Giveaways

* rare big screen presentation of Asylum of Satan (1972)

* Q&A and Behind-the-scenes with J. Patrick Kelly

Join us for a rare screening of William Girdler’s ASYLUM OF SATAN with groovy behind-the-scenes stories of this forgotten Satanic Panic drive-in classic from our special guest, Producer (and Girdler’s brother-in-law) J. Patrick Kelly. PLUS a selection of Satanic short films from the upcoming Portland Horror Film Festival, ghoulish giveaways, and more soul-searing infernal fun! Be sure to come early for your free Soul Protector and evaluation! 

Before Director William Girdler made GRIZZLY and THE MANITOU, his first feature film was ASYLUM OF SATAN, released with the tagline “Love Slaves of Satan tortured to blood-dripping death.” This trippy exploitation film, shot on a budget of just $50,000, features Carla Borelli (Falcon Crest) as Lucina, a young woman under the care of the mysterious Doctor Specter, played by Charles Kissinger (GRIZZLY, THE MANITOU). Lucina begins to question the doctor’s methods and discovers things are a lot more sinister than she could ever have imagined.