Saturday Morning Cartoon Mayhem

Re-Run Theater presents Saturday Morning Cartoon Mayhem! Another amazing collection of the very best in Saturday Morning entertainment from yesteryear. Once again we have selected a classic episode from each decade and will populate the commercial breaks with vintage ads from the corresponding era.

From the 1960s: JOHNNY QUEST , an exceptionally well animated adventure series courtesy of the team that almost monopolized the format in the following decade:  Hannah Barbera.  This particular episode has been voted by several TV historians and critics as one of the finest half hours in Saturday Morning Cartoon history:  “The Invisible Monster.”  A scientist on a remote island, experimenting with energy creates a living being that lives to consume everything in its path!

From the 1970s: THE SECRETS OF ISIS , a live action super hero unique to the format (her television persona came first, the comic adaptation later).  A high school teacher / archeologist finds a mysterious amulet buried in the Egyptian desert that gives her all the powers of the Goddess Isis.  In this episode, Isis helps a troubled teen who’s paroled father can’t seem to escape his criminal past.

And finally from the 1980s: THUNDARR THE BARBARIAN , one of the greatest action cartoons ever made!  When a runaway planet hurtles itself between the Earth and the Moon, unleashing cosmic destruction and plunging human civilization into ruins, it takes 2,000 years for the Earth to be reborn.  A strange new world arises from the old.  One of savagery, super science and sorcery.  One man bursts his bonds to fight for justice.  Joined by his companions Ooklah the Mok and Princess Ariel…he pits his strength, his courage and fabulous Sun Sword against the Forces of Evil.  In this episode:  Thundarr and the gang go to Vegas!  ’nuff said.

PLUS:  School House Rock, Vintage ads bumpers and jingles taking you into a time machine that travels back to three of the greatest decades in American History!


Saturday, January 10