Shaolin Invincibles

Series: Kung Fu Theater

Kung Fu Theater presents the only known 35mm print of this martial arts obscurity! Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

Judy Lee stars as an orphan raised in the Shaolin Temple. As an adult, she sets to fight a tyrannical emperor responsible for the death of her family. Things take a turn for the ultra-bizarre when the emperor sends a pair of wizards to track Judy down. The wizards each have four foot tongues which they use in battle, and if that's not strange enough, they also have a small army of kung fu gorillas to do their bidding! Judy teams up with the great Carter Wong to fight the powerful weirdos, and attempts to take down the emperor in his booby-trap laden fortress. This is old school kung fu at it's craziest.

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Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass.

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Tuesday, July 11