On Friday Nov. 14th at 9:30pm, Kasumi's Shockwaves. A multi-layered narrative told through stream-of-consciousness, it has been called “a symphony of the senses” and “a masterful tour-de-force of cinematic assemblage.”

Shockwaves is about a man whose traumatic memories of childhood send him on a hallucinogenic carnival ride of self-destruction and murder. Through a surrealistic Möbius strip of alternate realities, shifting times and multiple dimensions, Shockwaves weaves a kaleidoscopic nightmare tapestry of abuse and revenge.

The stream-of-consciousness depicted in Shockwaves is a dazzlingly complex remix of signs, gestures and actions that underlie meaning within a culture saturated by moving pictures. The film is composed from over 25,000 short film clips derived from both original footage and from public domain movies. Thus, to watch the film is at the same time to experience a man’s life and to be immersed in a kaleidoscopic collage that both drives the story and illustrates the inner and outer lives of the 2 main characters.

About the director - Kasumi is an artist working most recently in cinematic assemblage, taking the visual and auditory components of our culture and reconstituting them as bold representations of the human experience. She uses traditional and modern media to imagine the complex processes of the human brain.


Saturday, November 15