Shorts II: Mature Themes

SPERM { 12 MIN /  United Kingdom } DIR: Nicola Quilter
A girl will do anything to get pregnant. When her gay best friends bail on the morning of her ovulation she looks for a replacement.

Catbird Blues { 22 MIN /  USA } DIR: Rebecca Drummond
Cat is a rolling stone. With a mother who can't love her and a father who doesn't know her, no place feels like home.

Circle Circle Dot Dot { 14 MIN /  USA } DIR: Cassandra Gomes
Sisters Erica and Taryn are home alone for the day, creating the perfect opportunity for Taryn to invite a boy from school over.

Paying For It { 22 MIN / USA } DIR: Lauren Lillie
While on a weekend getaway with her boyfriend, Deidre discovers a call girl passed out in their hotel hallway. She decides to help her.

Jeffrey { 10 MIN / USA } DIR: Nina Ljeti
This film explores a different side of the murderer Jeffrey Dahmer. We get a glimpse into his lonely, mundane life, and the desperation he felt that lead him to committing his atrocious acts.

Linda LeThorn & the Musicbox { 1 7 MIN /  USA } DIR: Meg Skaff
Inside of a dysfunctional love triangle, Linda LeThorn is brought to her breaking point by a possessed music box she inherits from her Aunt Lucinda.

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Saturday, March 9