Shorts III: Mother

Series: POW Film Fest

Moeder { 13 MIN / Australia } DIR: Roma D'Arrietta
A documentary about a daughters attempt to make sense of the tragedies that live inside her mother.

The Mary Jane Project { 30 MIN / USA } DIR: Cinnamon Alexandra Triano
A collection of stories told by distant loved ones about Mary Jane, a reticent teenage girl, who died of an accidental drug overdose in 1971.

Storage is Unsolved Problems { 5 MIN / USA } DIR: Hope Hall
I am my mother's guardian, and recently went through six boxes of things I saved while clearing out her storage. This is what I made out of the experience.

Half Full { 26 MIN / USA } DIR: Emily Bender
A film about a woman with a rare genetic disorder that causes her to want to continue eating and eating.

Matb (Mother) { 14 MIN / USA } DIR: Laura Rosensteel
Annie is a single mom with a strong maternal drive, and a personal tragedy in her past drives her across the world to adopt orphaned Russian siblings.

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Saturday, March 9