Shorts VII: Animation/Experimental

Series: POW Film Fest

Lost Ambulation { 5 MIN / USA } DIR: Danielle Short
A solitary dancer moves forward but does not progress or escape the confines of her unyielding environment.

Melt In the Shade { 6 MIN / USA } DIR: Kyoungju Kim
A visual metaphor of the filmmaker's journey to understand her roots after her experience of cultural dislocation. She believes the coexistence of love and hate toward family is a general sentiment regardless of culture.

Healing of Snow { 9 MIN / USA } DIR: Jessica [JAC] Chen
This animated film is about a little girl who tries to understand nature through an outing with her overprotective father.

Backspace { 6 MIN / USA } DIR: Jillian Starr
A jealous space ostrich grabs a bottle full of time travel and attempts to bend the space-time continuum to his advantage.

Fire in the Belly { 2 MIN / USA } DIR: Elan Buendia
Inspired by the life of a departed woman as she was just starting to step into the impetus of her life and live as if she had a fire burning in her belly!

Libidinis { 4 MIN / Spain } DIR: Rosa Peris Medina
A man and a woman uncover each other, taking off their skin as an intimate act.

But Some Are Brave { 6 MIN / Canada } DIR: Grace Channer
.A poetic chronicle, it weaves the cultural and political histories of communities under attack into a visually spectacular testament to the power of struggle and resistance.

Wasp Waist { 6 MIN / Australia } DIR: Magda Matwiejew
An animated film about women of the late nineteenth century who practiced tight lacing by wearing corsets to attain an unnaturally small waist.

Couch & Potatoes { 8 MIN / USA } DIR: Eunsoo Jeong & Christopher Lam
Two TV-watching enthusiasts pioneer a clever way to live on their couch until an unexpected event forces them back into their youthful past.

7th { 5 MIN / USA } DIR: Sara Pocock
When a girl gets off at the wrong bus stop on her way to meet a new friend, she finds herself alone in a part of the city she is unfamiliar with.

Make a Wish { 3 MIN / USA } DIR: Hee Jin Kim
A girl who is not satisfied with her appearance visits a magician cat and asks for a way to make her breasts bigger. She pays the fee with her pet, a hamster.

Rietokki { 3 MIN / USA } DIR: Rami Kim
A group of kids who are our last hope of the dying earth and are in search desperately for the promising land, in which they believe it's the only place on earth that is safe and unpolluted.

Naked Love - Ea's Garden { 6 MIN / Denmark } DIR: Sara Koppel
A sensual trip through Ear's sexuality in a surrealistic abstract poetic atmosphere.

Sinsis { 2 MIN / Spain } DIR: Carmen Lloret
They strive for having the place of the other.

Reasons { 5 MIN / USA } DIR: Danielle Jordan-Baile
A woman with no breasts finds she must always explain herself to her sexual partners. She has a library of different stories to tell, each one tailored to its listener, and each with its own reason. However, only one of them is true.

Compost Confidential { 4 MIN / USA } DIR: Caryn Cline
Handmade botanicollage film frames, saved from unrealized projects, were put in a compost bin, left for several weeks, then retrieved and optically-printed.

Dear Pluto { 5 MIN / USA } DIR: Joanna Priestley
A tribute to everyone’s favorite planetoid, from the poem “Pizza” by Manhattan slam poet Taylor Mali, who narrates the film.

Our Summer Made Her Light Escape { 5 MIN / USA } DIR: Sasha Waters
A portrait of interiority, maternal ambivalence and the passage of time.

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Sunday, March 10