Someone's Watching Me

Re-Run Theater is proud to present a very rare screening of horror maestro John Carpenter’s 1978 made for TV movie “Someone’s Watching Me!” Starring Lauren Hutton and frequent Carpenter collaborators Adrienne Barbeau (The Fog, Escape From New York) and Charles Cyphers (Halloween, The Fog, Halloween II).

TV director Leigh Michaels moves from New York to the fancy apartment building Arkham Tower in Los Angeles to forget a relationship. Leigh has a quirky personality and likes to joke around, but out of the blue she receives bizarre gifts and odd phone calls. Soon she realizes that a stranger is stalking her, driving her mad with obscene messages and mysterious pranks. What she doesn’t know is that the stranger has bugged her house, is recording all her conversations and is watching her with a powerful telescope from one of the many thousands of high rise apartment windows surrounding her. A deadly cat and mouse game ensues.

Vintage Halloween centered ads from various eras will be played during the commercial breaks.