Spring & Arnaud

Series: POW Film Fest

Spring & Arnaud { 65 MIN / Canada } DIR: Katherine Knight & Marcia Connolly
A tender and intelligent love story about acclaimed Canadian artists Spring Hurlbut and Arnaud Maggs. Spring's art focuses on mortality and the traces of what we leave behind: ashes, bones, preserved animals, old metal cribs that invoke the spirits of the deceased in her photography, video, sculpture and installations. Arnaud Maggs remains fascinated by systems of identification, repetition and the minuscule differences and similarities in collections of people, objects and ephemera while recognizing the authority of photography to express these ideas in massive installations. Their undying love for each other lights up the screen as they face the reality of Arnaud's age and impending illness. | View Trailer

The Healing Power of Art { 20 MIN / USA } DIR: Mariah Dunn
Children’s Healing Art Project (CHAP) is a place where kids can be themselves no matter what situation they are facing in their lives. At CHAP everyone is facing a challenge such as a disability, cancer, or other terminal diseases and it’s that special bond that brings the kids and their families together. This documentary takes you on a journey with three families as you discover the challenges they face and how art has helped as they overcome them.

I am Sarah Maple { 13 MIN / USA } DIR: Ariel Fisher & Tyler Gurd
A documentary about the Young British Artist Sarah Maple and her journey with feminism and religion leading up to her first solo show in four years.

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Saturday, March 8