Steel in Hecklevision

Series: Hecklevision

This screening is presented in HECKLEVISION: text your wittiest wisecracks with your phone and they'll appear instantly on screen.

STEEL (1997):
Basketball superstar-turned-rapper-turned-actor Shaquille O’Neal stars as a weapons engineer for the military. His power-hungry co-worker Nathaniel Burke (Judd Nelson) fires an experimental weapon and causes an accident that paralyzes Shaq's partner, Susan “Sparky” Sparks (Annabeth Gish), and Shaq turns Burke in and leaves the weapons game. However, Burke’s out for revenge, and he brings the future weapons to the streets. There’s only one thing to do: Build some armor, hide some electromagnets somewhere, and start swinging a hammer! As superhero Steel, Shaq sets out to take down Burke while delivering some life lessons and a free throw along the way.

This month’s guest comedians:

Jon Washington
Jeremiah Coughlan
Mark Saltveit
Dylan Jenkins
Alex Falcone

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