On Tuesday August 19th at 7:30pm, Repressed Cinema presents STONED: 16mm Films about the Evils of Marijuana. Hosted by film curator Greg Hamilton.

With the upcoming November elections, and the prospect of marijuana legalization in Oregon, it seems only fitting that we look back on a few of these 16mm educational (and occasionally laugh-inducing) films.  Whether it’s a glassy-eyed Sonny Bono trying to convince 60's era kids not to toke up, or Scott Baio ditching his squeaky clean image for a roach clip – you’ll ‘highly’ enjoy stepping back in time with these pot-scare chestnuts. We’ll be featuring three 16mm films from the golden age of pot paranoia…

MARIJUANA ALERT! – A classic gem from the Reagan era full of equal parts fear and pseudoscience.  Meant to discourage kids from taking their first puff.

MARIJUANA – The 1968 classic featuring a quasi-bombed Sonny Bono in a gold lame’ outfit preaching to the kids that MJ is a “bummer” and and will turn you into a “weedhead”.  A gem of the drug educational genre.

STONED – the 1980 after-school special starring Scott Baio (Happy Days) as a shy student living in his athletic brothers’ shadow.  Seeking new friends and the girl of his dreams, he takes up pot smoking in hopes he will become more popular and escape from his shell.


Wednesday, August 20