Strange & Sexy

Series: Northwest Animation Festival

Take a wild romp through the jungles of psyche and sexuality! This uninhibited collection of shorts plunges into the themes of lust and liberation, deviant desire and ecstatic enlightenment. Through an animator's eyes, realize the beauty of the human body — and then twist your brain around the bizarrely bawdy.

Here's some of what you'll see: A jealous god creates a new universe for an androgynous creature, which he then promptly splits in two; but despite all magical intervention, the rebel lovers yearn to reunite. A polyamorous trio explores the push and pull of lust and romantic bonding together in a sensual, three-way dance. Wrestling her way free from a psychedelic hoard of internal demons, a self-possessed woman emerges from the confines of her male chrysalis. A handsome man enjoys one really, really good cup of tea. An exuberant pair of lovers hilariously trace the evolution of feminine sexuality: beginning from the time of protozoa, and racing ever faster through 20th-century foibles and contemporary memes toward a pansexual future that will leave you grinning with delight and hungry for more.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass

98 mins
Wheelchair accessible