Street Fighter

Series: Hecklevision

Ground Kontrol hosts a Street Fighter II Tournament before the show!

This month’s guest hecklers:

  • Sean Jordan
  • Steven Wilber
  • Shane Hosea
  • Craig May
  • Dylan Reiff
  • Scoot Herring

Jean-Claude Van Damme teams up with Kylie Minogue to take on Raul Julia in a fictional Southeast Asian country. No, it’s not a weird dream you had, it’s an even weirder movie: Street Fighter , the 1994 film adaptation of Street Fighter II. In it, JCVD plays Commander William F. Guile, who’s leading a military effort to take down the ruthless M. Bison (Raul Julia), who’s holding a humanitarian workers hostage and demanding billions in ransom. Guile has to team up with world warriors also looking to find Bison for their own reasons and stop him before he kills the hostages and takes over the world with an army of genetically modified super-soldiers.

This campy action film (written and directed by Steven E. de Souza, who also wrote another Hecklevision favorite, COMMANDO) attempts to make cinematic sense of a game that was far less concerned with a coherent story than it was with flying uppercuts and fireballs, managing to take the game’s iconic characters both too seriously and not seriously enough. And for a movie called STREET FIGHTER, there’s not a whole lot of fighting – but there’s plenty of bad one-liners and strange plot devices to make the characters look, y’know, like they do in the video game. Fortunately, the movie’s never dull, and the guileless (get it) charisma of Jean-Claude Van Damme kind of works with the actual dramatic acting skills of Raul Julia. Oh, and a few beers will help, too!

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Sunday, March 30