Street Law

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents an extremely rare 35mm print of the action-packed Italian crime-revenge classic Street Law.

In the early 70's, the spaghetti western boom dried up (with over 600 Euro-westerns produced) so Italian directors took to the streets to create hard-boiled tales of crime, violence, depravity and revenge.  Inspired by film noir and more recent American crime films, the Italians crafted their own unique brand of heavily stylized movies, where the grittiness oozed off the screen. Enzo G. Castellari was one of the masters of this forgotten genre, and Street Law was his masterpiece.

Street Law (1974) Franco Nero (the original Django ) stars as an everyman who gets taken hostage in a brutal bank robbery. Scarred from the experience, and seeing the inaction by the corrupt police department, he decides to turn violent vigilante on the criminal underworld. This is spaghetti crime at it's finest; filled with shootouts and car chases, drenched in style by director Enzo G. Castellari, and featuring a blistering soundtrack by Guido & Maurizio De Angelis.

35mm exploitation trailers before the movie.



Wednesday, August 27