Stunt Rock with Brian Trenchard-Smith

Series: Grindhouse Film Festival

The Grindhouse Film Festival presents a rare 35mm print of STUNT ROCK with director Brian Trenchard-Smith in attendance! Advance tickets are strongly recommended.

STUNT ROCK (1980) Australian stuntman Grant Page goes to Los Angeles to work on a television series. He uses his spare time to lend his expertise to the rock band Sorcery, whose act features duels between the King of the Wizards and the Prince of Darkness. Page helps them develop pyrotechnic magic tricks for their shows, and also finds himself in a budding romance with a magazine writer as he recounts to her his own exploits as a stuntman and daredevil, and teaches her what it means to live on the edge.

35mm exploitation trailers before the movie!


Wednesday, April 27