Suit of Lights

Sunday, September 18 at 7pm  |  $7

SUIT OF LIGHTS follows a dead matador through a transitional state where body­snatching clowns, enchanting sirens, a small town sheriff, a sage mechanic, and a host of others combine to shed light on the man’s condition. Slowly, an escape from the world of pleasure and pain presents itself, but at what cost? ­

SUIT OF LIGHTS stars Gilberto Martin Del Campo, along with an ensemble cast of local talent, including musicians Edna Vasquez, Luz Elena Mendoza (Y La Bamba), Joe Haege (31 Knots, Tu Fawning), comedian Mikey Kampmann, Bruce Jennings, Dennis Fitzpatrick, Dan Considine, and more. The film also features an original soundtrack by Emil Amos (Holy Sons, Grails, Om, Lilacs & Champagne) and a cameo by Sir Richard Bishop (Sun City Girls, Rangda). ­

SUIT OF LIGHTS made its world premiere at Oaxaca FilmFest 5 in Oaxaca, Mexico, won a Golden Palm Award at the Mexico International Film Festival, and took home Best Director and Best Actor awards at the Oregon Independent Film Festival. This is the film’s first non­-festival theatrical screening.



Monday, September 19