Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

Mississippi Records presents TAMPOPO, a classic and seldom-seen 1985 Japanese "spaghetti western" about making the perfect bowl of Ramen. Sound strange? You bet! The film follows Tampopo, a widow who runs a dilapidated Ramen shop. She meets a truck driver who decides to help her move past her "sincere but character lacking" noodles onto Ramen that can stand as great art. Their story is interspersed with other food-related tales about everything from the art of ordering food at a French restaurant to the dead rising to cook meals to a gangster who explores erotic ways to use edibles. Roger Ebert said, "Like the French comedies of Jacques Tati, it's a bemused meditation on human nature in which one humorous situation flows into another offhandedly, as if life were a series of smiles."

A portion of the proceeds from both shows will benefit the Oregon Food Bank.

Passes Accepted: Guest Pass and Member Guest Pass

Jûzô Itami
Ken Watanabe, Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto
118 mins.


Sunday, February 5