The 48 Hour Film Project 2016

Wednesday-Thursday, August 3-4 at 7pm & 9:30pm  |  $10

The world premiers of over 50 short films created for this year’s Portland edition of the 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT light the silver screen on August 3rd & August 4th with two jam-packed screenings each night. Each screening features 14 different films by some of the area’s most daring and creative filmmakers. This is your chance to support your local filmmaker and see some great locally-created shorts on the big screen!

On July 29, Portland’s most daring and creative filmmakers took the 48 Hour Challenge. They drew their genres from the cruel hat of fate, and were assigned the same character, prop, and line of dialogue to include in their films. The results are alway unpredictable and range from the sublime to the ridiculous, often in the same film!  But one thing is certain: the offerings of this pressure cooker of creativity are not to be missed! Each screening will be closed out with a short Q&A with the filmmakers, as time allows. And don't forget, YOU (the audience) determine the coveted Audience Favorite Awards for each screening group.

Group A: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 @ 7:00pm

Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Patty McKay
  • Beans & Rice, Carmen Garcia-Gonzalez
  • Consystency Media, Ernie Conway
  • Critical End!, David Dean
  • Fetus in Fetu, Kristina King
  • Flim Portland, Charles Chadwick
  • French Toast Mafia, Kc Guyer
  • Good Dog, Melody Ashford
  • Just Some Movie Junkies, Jyunmi Hatcher
  • MaRoZel, Derek Willis
  • Pardon Media, Jeff Goldstein
  • Potoo, Cale Henderson
  • Second Breakfast, Ethron Young
  • TimeSculpt, Bryan Hiltner
  • Wild Hunt, James Sha

Group B: Wednesday, August 3, 2016 @ 9:30pm

Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Aspire Creative Group, Ashton Root
  • Camp Ill-prepared Tuesday, Dunn-Blue
  • Evil Petting Zoo, Brian Jepperson
  • Hot Glue, Kevin DeAngelo
  • Khaaan!, Philip Snapp
  • Leaking Throne Productions, Art Condelles
  • Monsieur Soeur, Michael Entler
  • Sky Tiger Creative, Steven Englund
  • Stormin' Norman, David Dodson
  • TBA, Ted Morissette
  • Team Wolf, Erin Lyon
  • Teen Runaways, Jeremy Edwards
  • Toytime Entertainment, Corveaux Millions

Group C: Thursday, August 4, 2016 @ 7:00pm

Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • All Skate, Nathan Hurt
  • Clearstream, Simon King
  • Deux Pous, Rory Magnus
  • Dream Reality Films, Aaron Toy
  • FOUR REST FILMS, Dustin Erickson
  • Insomniac Productions, Tristan Penrod
  • LynchPin Productions, Gene Hall
  • Man vs Film Productions, Erich Demerath
  • Mumukuba, Timur Örge
  • No Sunrise Wasted, Devin Tau
  • Pineapple Hell, Jonathan Ems
  • The Sequel, Cyrus Shiva
  • The Young and Pretentious, Kesiah Manival

Group D: Thursday, August 4, 2016 @ 9:30pm

Listed alphabetically, not by screening order

  • Cookie Jar Films, Sean Roney
  • CrackFace Films, Steve Avalon Gardner
  • Eraserheads, Jared Slife
  • Film Fatales, Ben Edwards
  • Frozen Sandcrab Media, Sarah Kelley
  • One Shot Oneders, Lyon Richardson
  • Pending..., Casey Nolan
  • Portland Filmmaking Collaborative, Kyle Martin
  • Sparkle, Finley Mulligan
  • Splat! Films, Devon Lyon
  • Team AwesomeSauce, Darcy Hunt
  • Team Ham Water, Bryan Davidson
  • They Themselves, Adam Johnson
  • Toll Free, Steve Scalpone

The Best of the Portland 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT is set for August 17. More information will be available after the premiers.  Check the 48 Hour web page or the Portland 48 Hour Facebook group for details.

The mission of the 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT is to promote filmmakers and filmmaking.  Previous Portland 48HFP films have gone onto the Cannes Film Festival.



Friday, August 5