The '80s Room presented by PSU Social Practice

Join presenters Stephen Kozik and Greg Weber as they take a walk down memory lane and look at some of the weirdest, funniest and best television commercials from the 1980's.

For the past decade, Stephen Kozik has been scouring garage sales, estate sales, eBay and Goodwill bins on a quest to collect and archive television commercials from the '80's. When a dusty and beat up VHS tape of home-recorded Saturday morning cartoons or daytime soaps is found, the hunt for precious artifacts from the decade of Reagan and Rubik's Cubes begins. Each commercial has been carefully dated, categorized, titled and filed into his extensive catalog.

The cream of the crop will be broken down into the following categories:

Saturday Morning Supercade

Pour yourself a bowl of Super Sugar Crisp and plop down in front of the tube for a block of the best Saturday morning cartoons. Stompers, He-man action figures, Atari video games, Whatchamacallit bars, Bonkers candy and more things you'll be begging your mom to buy will all be on display.


One thing becomes apparent watching a lot of  '80's commercials--most of the marketers that dreamed up these things were whacked out of their brains. This block of weird and creepy commercials will have you scratching your head saying, "Wait, what did I just see?"

PDX in the '80's

Take a look back in time at Portland as it was in '80's. This collection of Nnwscasts, station bumpers and local commercials offers a frighteningly accurate glimpse into what life was like circa 1980-1989 in the Rose City.

Before they were Famous / Celebrity Endorsements

What do Bill O'Reilly, James Gandolfini and Lindsay Lohan have in common? They all appeared in commercials during the '80's and are a part of this collection.

The Classics

There are a few commercials that HAVE to be shown when looking back at the 80's: The Encyclopedia Britannica Kid, Zamfir Pan Flute Albums, Pee Wee Herman warning youngsters about Crack. We've got 'em. You'll see 'em.

Special commentary will also take place between panelists Stephen Kozik and Greg Weber who will break down stand-out commercials and add some historical backdrop and trivia. Don't miss it!



Saturday, June 30