The Beaver Believers

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

Portland EcoFilm Festival - Opening Night in celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Wild and Scenic Rivers Act!

Ticket purchase includes admission to festival opening night party!

THE BEAVER BELIEVERS profiles an unlikely cadre of activists - a biologist, a hydrologist, a botanist, an ecologist, a psychologist, and a hairdresser - who share a common vision: restoring the North American Beaver to the watersheds of the American West. As a keystone species, beaver enrich their ecosystems, creating the biodiversity, complexity, and resiliency our watersheds need to absorb the impacts of climate change. Beavers can show us the way and even do much of the work for us, if only we can find the humility to trust in the restorative power of nature and our own ability to play a positive role within it. This film encourages us to embrace a new paradigm for managing our western lands, one that seeks to partner with the natural world rather than overpower it. Directed by Sarah Koenigsberg.

Screening with film shorts:

MOONSHADOW, directed by David Elkins, REFUGE, directed by Katie Falkenberg and SALMON WITHOUT RIVERS directed by Shane Anderson.

Sponsors: Caravan - The Tiny House Hotel, KBOO Community Radio and Oregon Wild

Assistive Listening
Wheelchair accessible