The Best of Both Worlds

Series: Re-Run Theater

Celebrating 30 years since the first Star Trek series to not feature the original cast and crew, and arguably its best episode… Set almost a hundred years after Captain Kirk’s five year mission, a new crew commanded by Captain Jean-Luc Picard which includes a sentient android and a Klingon, travel to the farthest reaches of space in a new, highly enhanced Starship Enterprise.

From another part of the galaxy, a supremely advanced and aggressively invasive cybernetic force called the Borg has set its sights on assimilating Earth and enslaving the United Federation of Planets. Picard and his crew set out to deal directly with this threat while Earth’s forces prepare for the attack.  But when Picard is captured and converted into Locutus, a Borg, Second in command Commander Riker must face the most difficult decision of his career - or risk the doom of humanity.

Cliff Bole
90 min
Assistive Listening
Patrick Stewart, Jonathon Frakes, Gates McFadden