The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project 2016

Wednesday, August 17 at 7:00pm  |  $10  |

Ladies and gentlemen, step right up and get your tickets to this once in a lifetime screening… It’s the Best of the 2016 Portland 48 Hour Film Project! We have meticulously chosen fourteen of our favorite films from this year’s record-breaking 61 entries.  There is something for everyone with a cinematic smorgasbord like this, so dig in.

Many of our new genres, such as Fable, Adventure Serial, and Time Travel will be featured for the first time; and, of course, old favorites like Period Piece, Dark Comedy and our own Film de Femme genre will be on display as well.

Awards ceremony immediately following the screening!  Be the first to find out who the award winners are, and who will be the 2016 Best of Portland!

The Best of the 2016 Portland 48 Hour Film Project:

“Horse Power” by Aspire Creative Group (Film de Femme)

“The Chicken and The Fox” by Dous Peux (Fable)

"The Final Down” by Dream Reality (Dark Comedy)

"Double-0-Awesome” by French Toast Mafia (Slapstick)

“Unforced Confessions” by Cookie Jar Films (Buddy Film & Horror Film)

“Freeze Frame” by Just some Movie Junkies (Superhero)

“Creature Capture” by MaRoZel (Adventure Serial)

“The Starling” by Monsieur Soeur

"Kenopsia” by Mumukumbu, (Period Piece)

“Deja Vu” by One Shot Wonders (Martial Arts)

“Real Jerry” by Pardon Media (Action/Adventure)

“Morals Inc” by Pending (Fable)

"Lunchbox Cop" byPotoo Media (Buddy Film)

“D-Daddy”    by The Sequel (War / Anti-War Film)

“Lullaby” by Second Breakfast (Horror)

“Times May Vary” by Team Wolf (Time Travel Movie)



Thursday, August 18