The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project 2017

Series: Rental Event

There's one night only and only one night to catch the Best of the 2017 PDX 48 Hour Film Project. You'll be tantalized by a cinematic smorgasbord featuring such treats as Silent Films, Fables, Thrillers, Romance and more.  These delicacies are fresh—all films were whipped up by some of Portland's most daring and creative filmmakers between June 16-Jun 18 of this year.

This BEST OF THE PDX 48HFP screening is followed immediately by the awards ceremony, where all of this year's winners will be announced. The complete lineup is below.

Breakthrough Films, “Buzzkill” (Road Movie)
Cookie Jar Films, “A Bug’s Wife"  (Fable )
Dark Pines, “Skitter”  (Suspense/Thriller )
Dream Reality, “Beacon” (Sports Film)
French Toast Mafia, “Glorp Who’s.. To Dinner?” (Fable)
Good Dog, “Bugs From Hell”  (Silent Film)
MFYG, “Mork Chop”  (Time Travel)
Marozel, “I Am Not To Blame” (Musical)
No Sunrise Wasted, “Mensch” (War/Anti-War Film)
Pending, “Mating Rituals” (Romance)
Potoo, “Stupid Cupid” (Martial Arts)
Plural Possessives, “Mantisse” (Film de Femme)
Red Fawn, “Missing Indigenous” (Silent Film)
Sky Tiger, “Portland Couple Bugs Out” (Biography)
Vanity Rules, “Full Cycle”  (Action/Adventure)