The Best of the 48 Hour Film Project

Wednesday, September 2 at 7pm  |  $9

Call the firehouse! The BEST OF THE PORTLAND 2015 48 HOUR FILM PROJECT is poised to scorch the big screen at the Hollywood Theatre. That's right, a hot baker's dozen of this year's best entries will be presented one final time for your enjoyment. This is the only chance to see these films on the big screen, as they were meant to be seen, in glorious High-Def BIG SCREEN-O-RAMA! This event will culminate with the awards ceremony for all our "Best of Portland" winners before we head to a nearby watering hole for celebratory libations and general conviviality.

When you see this incredible collection of short films, you will find it hard to believe that all were made by local filmmakers between July 31 and August 2. But it's true!  On Friday night, July 31, each team drew their genre from the cruel hat of fate.  They were then given the following required elements to include in their film.

CHARACTER: Cal or Cathie Coltrane, someone affected by the legalization of marijuana in Portland.
PROP: A bicycle part.
LINE: "We don't have time for this."

This is more entertainment than anyone should legally be allowed to see at one time, but that's not stopping us!  With a line-up like this, there is definitely something for everyone, from kids in nappies to your slap happy grand pappy (CAUTION:  These films are not rated, and may not be appropriate for kids in nappies).

Don't forget! It's one night only for the Best of Portland!



Thursday, September 3