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Shorts 7

We always say “there’s always more room for short films!” We’re serving up our last slate of short films from around the world! Join the live Q&A with filmmakers at 2:30 pm

Feature: The Brain That Wouldn’t Die (World Premiere)

Dr. Bill Cortner, a gifted surgeon, revives the head of his recently decapitated fiancée, Jan Compton. Despite her pleas for a quick death, Bill vows to find Jan a new body by any means necessary—a task that takes him through the seedy underbelly of the city. All the while, Jan plots her revenge.

This loving remake of the original 1962 classic was filmed on location in Portland, OR! Starring Patrick D. Green, Rachael Perrell Fosket, Jason Reynolds, Mia Allen, Robert Blanche.

Followed by live Q&A with cast and crew.

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