The Burbs with Joe Dante

The Hollywood Theatre is extremely honored to have director Joe Dante in attendance for a 35mm screening of THE BURBS, followed by a Q&A!

THE BURBS (1989): In a typical American neighborhood, an over-stressed suburbanite (Tom Hanks) and his fellow neighbors become increasingly convinced that the new family on the block are part of a murderous cult. Co-starring Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern, Corey Feldman, and Henry Gibson.

Director Joe Dante is known for his offbeat blending of fantasy, horror, and comedy. His career began working for legendary producer Roger Corman, eventually directing the horror films PIRANHA and THE HOWLING. He is most well known for directing the 1984 smash hit GREMLINS, which he followed with INNERSPACE, THE BURBS, and GREMLINS 2: THE NEW BATCH. He currently oversees the website Trailers From Hell and is planning a biopic on Roger Corman entitled THE MAN WITH THE KALEIDOSCOPE EYES. 

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Joe Dante
101 min
Tom Hanks, Carrie Fisher, Bruce Dern, Corey Feldman