The CrabFeast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson

Funny Over Everything presents The CrabFeast with Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson, i n Portland for ONE NIGHT ONLY !

The CrabFeast is hosted by comedians Ryan Sickler and Jay Larson.  The
show focuses on storytelling with new episodes every Toozdee.

The chemistry between Ryan and Jay enables them to take the
conversation anywhere, often making light of some heavier subjects.
They make their guests feel like family and their listeners feel like
they’re sitting around, sharing stories with old friends.

They’ve appeared on TBS’s The Pete Holmes Show and The Damon Bruce
Radio Show, and were finalists in the 2013 Stitcher Awards for Best
Comedy Podcast.

Pull up a chair, grab a coupla cold ones and enjoy The Feast!



Saturday, August 30