The Dust on Our Feet

Just outside the city limits of Tegucigalpa, Honduras sits the city's only trash dump, "El Crematorio." The dump is filled with kids, some younger than ten who, along with their families, collect trash for a living. Born into one of the most viscous cycles of poverty imaginable, many of these kids become addicted to drugs and eventually end up begging on the streets. However, that is not this story. This is the story of a few dedicated Hondurans who started a school across the street from the dump and the first class of nine students they led to graduate high school. The Dust on Our Feet focuses on three of those nine students over a 3-month period leading up to their graduation.

Filmmakers in attendance, Q&A to follow the film. All proceeds from tickets sales go to support Amor, Fe y Esperanza school.



Sunday, August 17