The Earth is Alive

Series: Rental Event

EARTH IS ALIVE: HULI TA TUM UHW was filmed before a public audience at Lummi Nation, where Coast Salish political and spiritual leaders shared their knowledge of traditional lifeways and carried these ancestral teachings into the conversation on climate change. As a people whose territory and relations are intersected by an international border between superpowers, our work demonstrates the importance of maintaining our relations across this border location, despite the historical interference. THE EARTH IS ALIVE shares ancestral teachings on Natural Law, Matrilineal Law, Power of the Giveaway and Pursuit of Spirit.  By sharing our cultural teachings through an engaging multimedia screening, live performance, and practice of traditional giveaway, we share some of the transformational power of our traditions in practice.

Also screening will be IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME, a story about Native youth being disconnected from their families and community. Their reconnections are made when ideas, determination and forgiveness are met with the healing spirit of the ancestors.