The Exotic Ones Double Feature

Jimmy McDonough, King of the Crazy Biographers, is back! To commemorate publication of The Exotic Ones , his massive new biography of the Nashville filmmaking family the Ormonds – presented by Nicolas Winding Refn – he is hosting an outrageous double bill of religious horror pictures made by the Ormonds for Baptist preacher Estus Pirkle.

Truly one of the most extreme movies ever made, IF FOOTMEN TIRE YOU, WHAT WILL HORSES DO?, is a rabidly anti-Communist / anti-sex education / anti-mini skirt wearing religious propaganda classic. Jaw-dropping from the get-go, it presents a laundry list of corrupting dangers to watch out for, including Saturday morning cartoons and drive-in theaters, not to mention bearded Cuban soldiers doling out candy to stunned grade-schoolers courtesy of their glorious leader, Fidel Castro! “Many of you listening to me today will see hundreds of dead bodies in your towns,” warns Baptist preacher Pirkle. And he shows you this bloody spectacle!

THE BURNING HELL is Pirkle's portrayal of Hell. SEE actual live maggots on the faces of the damned! WATCH non-acting church members writhe in flames! WITNESS unbelievable Biblical "recreations" shot in the Holy Land with decidedly non-Middle Eastern actors! The plot: Pirkle tries to save the soul of a young hippie biker (Tim Ormond), whose friend unfortunately rejects Pirkle’s teachings and is sent to roast in Hell – where he meets a multi-colored hopscotching harlequin devil welcoming him to Hell in the film’s craziest sequences. “Every hour at least 3,000 people go to Hell,” intones Estus. Will YOU be one of them?

Jimmy McDonough will introduce the films and answer all questions (you'll have many). Copies of the book will be for sale in the lobby - a luxurious oversized slipcase edition that has 800 photos and weighs ten pounds!

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