The Grouper Mystery

Series: Portland EcoFilm Festival

Sunday, October 23 at 4:30pm  |  $6  | 

THE GROUPER MYSTERY (2015):  Every year, thousands of groupers gather in the Southern pass of Fakarava in French Polynesia - followed by hundreds of sharks. Photographer, diver and biologist Laurent Ballesta and his team wanted to better understand what motivates these fish to wait until the exact day of the full moon to spawn all at once. Taking advantage of this period of incredible richness, Ballesta films his record-setting dive of 24 hours underwater, at over 20 meters deep, studying and filming this unique and rare phenomenon. US West Coast Film Premiere!

screening with the short film
Oregon Film Premiere
What happens if sharks disappear? FINconceivable explores the important role sharks play in our world and what could happen if the ocean’s fiercest predators ceased to exist.
Directed by Lily Williams | 2014 | US | 4 minutes

56 minutes
Gil Kébaïli