The Hollow Arm

The Hollow Arm is a feature documentary about an instrument called the harp guitar. The harp guitar is essentially a guitar with any number of additional, floating strings. And those string are to be plucked. The film takes both a historic and modern look at the instrument, from the people who play it to the people that build it. Guitar collector Gregg Miner details some of the most popular and obscure guitars in his collection, which amounts to over 200 instruments. From legendary musician Stephen Bennett to popular finger-style guitarist Andy Mckee, see and hear the instrument played by some of the most talented musicians of the last 30 years. Hearing the instrument is one thing, but seeing all of the different forms and ingenious designs is another. Modern builders display their custom builds and reveal their different techniques in creating the perfect sounding instrument. Whether you’re a guitar enthusiast or just a music enthusiast, “The Hollow Arm” will introduce you to a fascinating instrument and a new world of musical possibilities.



Monday, February 24