The Innocent: Sneak Preview

About The Film


By Jason Hawkins

Genre: Adventure Thriller

Cyberspace is the new school playground when it comes to bullying. Children and teens of all ages use social networking sites to blast their peers, reveal dirty secrets, and taunt those around them, often destroying lives in the process.

John Brooks and Devon Manning were the best of friends as children, despite the few years in age that separated them. Their youth was one of innocence and childlike wonder as they explored the woods and farmlands that surrounded their neighboring homes.

But then things changed. Something bad happened.

Flash forward ten years and the two once-friends are enemies – Devon and his geeky friends the victims of relentless bullying by Brooks. When Becky Lyle – Devon’s would-be girlfriend –decides to help Devon fight back by getting on the computer and telling the world Brooks’ secret, things quickly spiral out of control.

Brooks, the once bully, is now the victim and decides the only way to fight back is through violence. As Brooks sanity breaks down, his secret is revealed, and we see the devastating effects of the Internet on young lives.

As it turns out, no one is as innocent as they appear.



Monday, October 24