The Lost World of Industrial Musicals

Get ready for the mutant offspring of Broadway and business! For decades, corporations commissioned "industrial musicals" -- original shows about selling bathtubs, tractors, gasoline, and everything else -- only for insiders at conventions and sales meetings. Industrials expert Steve Young , a former "Letterman" and "Simpsons" writer, screens some of the most bizarre and twisted examples, from Kellogg's, Citgo, American-Standard, and more.

"The Bathrooms Are Coming"? "Diesel Dazzle"? "Got to Investigate Silicones"?  When Steve Young began finding obscure corporate musicals while gathering albums for the "Dave's Record Collection" segment, he had no idea of the journey he was beginning. Now, twenty years and one book later, Steve is the world's authority on the bizarrely entertaining shows created for company conventions and sales meetings from the 1950’s to the 1980’s. He's been a guest on NPR's "Fresh Air" and Dave Letterman's "Late Show," he does presentations at conventions and festivals, and he loves to screen ultra-rare films from his collection. It’s a secret world of Americana that will astonish, amuse and perplex!


Thursday, July 21