The Mormon Church Explains It All To You

This special 16mm program is presented by local film archivist Dennis Nyback.

You Make The Difference (1967) (excerpt). The story of a young churchgoer tempted by X-rated movies.

Man’s Search for Happiness (1964) This film was made by Wetzel Whitaker, who worked for Disney in the 30's and 40's, and upon retiring to Salt Lake City in the 50's, took it upon himself to create a film studio to produce films promoting the Mormon Church. This film was shot in glorious Technicolor.

The Mailbox (1977) Another film made by Wetzel Whitaker. Every delivery day, 83 year-old Lethe waits at her mailbox for the mailman to arrive.

How Do I Love Thee (1965) Jan’s new boyfriend, Brad, gets advice from a frat brother who looks just like young Bill Clinton. He tells Brad that the physical act is the only proof of real love. Jan asks her roommate Penny for advice. Penny tells her to put out. Jan asks “What about my self respect?” Penny answers “Self respect doesn’t matter when you’re in love.” Jan sticks to her guns. Brad walks out on her. Jan anguishes. Finally Brad breaks down and takes Jan back. They go to the big dance, where Jan recites “How Do I Love Thee” to him. They realize they can wait and their love is forever.


Tuesday, February 16