The Satirical Films of Tim Smith

This program showcases the inventive, off-beat humor and satire of filmmaker Tim Smith, shot on his father's 16mm Bolex in and around Portland, Oregon. With a cast that included family members and friends, including future "Simpsons" creator Matt Groening, Smith's films are rooted in a love and appreciation for all things media. Smith’s films were often a send up of popular genres of the time... from the cautionary tale of gang recruitment in "Salmon Street Saga" to the unforgettable anti-drug yarn of "Drugs: Killers or Dillers?" to the crime drama reimagined in "The Case of the Kitchen Killer," Smith's films are an unforgettable and entertaining journey into a bygone era.

Presented by the Oregon Historical Society. Filmmaker Tim Smith will be in attendance. These films were digitally captured at 2K with support from the Al Larvick Conservation Fund.

SALMON STREET SAGA - 1970, 6 min - A cautionary tale of gang recruitment, SALMON STREET SAGA includes a soundtrack featuring Dick Dale & His Del-Tones and The Cheers.

THIS IS PORTLAND - 1971, 6.5 min - A take on the travelogue series, Don and Bettina, this film features Smith’s brother Duncan Smith.

DRUGS: KILLERS OR DILLERS? - 1972, 9.5 min, Abridged version. - This unforgettable anti-drug yarn, inspired by the educational films screened in high school health class.

THE CASE OF THE KITCHEN KILLER - 1976, 21 min - A re-imagining of the crime drama drawn from a story performed by actor/comedian Pat McCormick. The cast includes Tim Smith and his father, Dr. Lendon H. Smith.

INFERNAL VOYAGE - 1980, 15 min - An homage to Jacques Tati, with a cast including Smith’s father, Dr. Lendon H. Smith.

HYPERACTIVITY: THE FACTS - 1982, 13 min - Dr. Lendon H. Smith appears once again in this film about the evils of sugar-heavy diets.

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