The Science of Measurement

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The Science of Measurement in Biology and Medicine: Measuring Better to Understand Better

Featuring Joe W. Gray, PhD, chair of the OHSU department of biomedical engineering; director of the OHSU Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine; and associate director for translational research at the OHSU Knight Cancer Institute

Our understanding of diseases like cancer has improved dramatically in recent years as technologies have been developed to map their molecular compositions and structures.  These technologies combine aspects of physics, engineering, chemistry, biology and computer science to “see” features ranging in size from single genes and proteins to complex tissues and organs.  These measurements show how diseases differ from normal and between individuals, and are being used to develop new therapeutic approaches that are being used to “personalize medicine” in which treatments are tailored to the individual.

In this talk, Dr. Gray will review his personal experiences in developing measurement technologies that are now routinely used in disease diagnosis.  He will also talk about efforts to develop technologies that will lead to “Google earth” like views of cells and tissues that are intended to provide better strategies to manage treatments of human diseases like cancer.  He also will talk about the challenges of dealing with the vast data sets that emerge.

Joe Gray, Ph.D. was trained as a nuclear physicist at Kansas State University but evolved into a biomedical scientist and engineer as he began to apply techniques from physics to problems in biology and medicine.  He has described his work in over 400 scientific papers and more that 80 issued US Patents.  He has received major awards and recognition the US Department of Energy, the American Society for Human Genetics, the National Cancer Institute and the Institute of Medicine of the National Academy of Sciences.  He currently holds the Gordon Moore endowed chair at the Oregon Health & Science University and serves there as Chairman of the Department of Biomedical Engineering, Director of the Center for Spatial Systems Biomedicine and Associate Director for Translational Research in the Knight Cancer Institute.

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Tuesday, June 3