The Space Lady Cometh

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

One year ago, Mississippi Records brought the Space Lady to the Hollywood Theatre for a sold-out show that left the audience blown away - and now we're thrilled to welcome her back. Advance tickets highly recommended for what is sure to be an amazing show.

The Space Lady thrilled audiences on the streets of Boston and San Francisco throughout the '80s and '90s.  After retiring in 2000, she's made a triumphant return - touring the world and recording new material. Her music is driven by cosmic tones played on a synthesizer and her lovely echoing voice.  She does grandiose sweeping covers of songs like "Major Tom," "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night," "Ballroom Blitz," and many more that, in the opinion of Mississippi Records' Eric Isaacson, "bury the originals cold." (She also plays some great cosmic originals.)

The Space Lady will be accompanying a collage of Mississippi Records' favorite cosmic moments from the history of cinema, from the goofy to the sublime, edited by Katie Bernstein. 

Passes accepted: No passes will be accepted for this event