The Space Lady, Marisa Anderson, Dragging An Ox and More

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

Mississippi Records celebrates its 15 year anniversary with a two-part concert and film event. Part One includes:

The Space Lady -
With music driven by cosmic tones played on a synthesizer and her lovely echoing voice, The Space Lady is one of the best live acts you will ever see. She does grandiose sweeping covers of songs like "Major Tom," "I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night," "Ballroom Blitz," and many more that bury the originals cold. (She also plays some great cosmic originals.) She'll be performing with film projections in the background.

Marisa Anderson -
Portland's absolute best guitarist. Marisa Anderson is a shredder of the highest order. Her music is as futuristic as it is ancient. Solo guitar music that is never boring and always highly engaging.

Dragging An Ox Through Water -
Brian Mumford's murky and strange music is a beautiful thing. Within the sweeps of interesting noises (sometimes generated by a candle on stage attached to a bunch of mysterious light sensors and wires) hide some truly great songwriting and an original voice.

Eric Isaacson -
Mississippi Records founder Eric Isaacson will be presenting a very short slide show featuring a survey of Mississippi Records most entertaining failures. Celebrating our 15 year anniversary with a humbling nod to our mistakes.

Beyond all this, Mississippi will be selling many great titles from our catalog for only $5 each (as well as a few slightly more expensive ones) in the lobby and we'll be showing a couple short films between musical acts.

Wheelchair accessible