The Space Lady Plays to "Science is Fiction"

Series: Mississippi Records Music & Film

The final installment of 2016's Mississippi Records Music & Film Series, and we are ending it on a big bang! One of our favorite musicians - the Space Lady - will be here to play her ethereal music with films by Jean Painleve projected behind her.

The Space Lady was thrilling audiences on the streets of Boston and San Francisco all through the 80's and 90's.  In 2000, she retired for awhiles but has since made a triumphant return - touring the world and recording new material. Her music is driven by cosmic tones played on a synthesizer and her lovely echoing voice.  She does grandiose sweeping covers of songs like Major Tom, I Had Too Much to Dream Last Night, Ballroom Blitz and many more that, in my opinion, bury the originals cold. (She also plays some great cosmic originals.) We are very honored to have one of our favorite contemporary musicians coming to Portland just for this show.  This is a unique opportunity to catch her live.

The films of Jean Painleve are mesmerizing and unclassifiable - surrealist influenced dream works that are also serious science. The French filmmaker-scientist-inventor had a decades-spanning career in which he created hundreds of short films on subjects ranging from astronomy to pigeons to, most famously, such marine-life marvels as the sea horse and the sea urchin. This program will feature a "best of" his works.

It will be a beautiful night in the air-conditioned splendor of the Hollywood Theatre.  Not to be missed at any cost!

-Eric Isaacson, Mississippi Records

Space Lady Poster


Friday, July 29