The Stepford Wives

Series: Queer Horror

This is part of Feminist March 2019

In celebration of the Hollywood Theatre’s Feminist March programming, the bimonthly series Queer Horror adds a special off-month screening to its calendar with 1975’s THE STEPFORD WIVES! Sponsored by Double Mountain Brewery and Finger Bang nail salon, this rare 35mm presentation is hosted by Portland’s premier drag clown Carla Rossi with a preshow starring PDX’s own 1950s drag housewife, Madame DuMoore!

Adapted from Ira Levin’s classic thriller, THE STEPFORD WIVES follows photographer Joanna Eberhart (Katharine Ross) as she moves with her husband and children to a quiet suburban community in Connecticut. But something strange is happening in the town of Stepford, where the local women have replaced their careers and ambitions with cooking and cleaning – at least ever since the town’s defunct women’s group was visited by Betty Friedan – and Joanna and fellow newcomer Bobbie (Paula Prentiss) find themselves in a race against time to learn what lurks behind the walls of the Stepford Men’s Association. Derided upon its release for being both too “anti-men” and “a rip-off of the women’s movement,” this incisive and ahead-of-its-time satire is more relevant, hilarious, and terrifying than ever before.

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